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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/collapsed_forwarding-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/02/24 04:04:17hno+6 -3Catch a few corner cases where collapsed forwarding would not collapse requests
2004/10/17 21:49:32hno+2 -5Resolved merge conflict
2003/07/28 07:22:57hno+6 -1Add safeguards to not reuse stuck objects. collapsed_forwarding makes
2003/07/16 20:47:15hno+7 -7s/ims_timestamp/refresh_timestamp/ to better reflect it's current use
2003/07/16 20:45:57hno+9 -2a) Copy the hierarchy field on joined requests
2003/07/13 22:49:42hno+1 -14Remove odd safeguard. Not even sure why I added this in the first place.
2003/07/13 22:30:01hno+2 -2Fix "collapsed request STALE" trigger. Was looking into the wrong object.
2003/07/13 20:03:30hno+2 -2rename refresh_stale to refresh_stale_hit
2003/07/13 19:54:09hno+5 -5Fix collapsed_forwarding ims_entry management to always deregister the
2003/07/13 19:33:56hno+17 -15 refresh_stale directive
2003/07/13 19:27:42hno+12 -10Replace collapsed_forwarding_stale_hit by a more generic
2003/07/12 11:28:41hno+5 -5make sure the IMS entry reference is reset in all cases of IMS processing
2003/07/12 11:08:21hno+9 -6squid -k debug segfault when processing expired requests
2003/07/12 09:52:47hno+15 -5Soft expiration
2003/07/07 22:52:20hno+17 -3Added some safeguards to protect from server-side aborded IMS requests
2003/07/03 16:31:54hno+27 -42Eleminate mem->fd reference to the client file descriptor. This is not
2003/06/27 01:19:59hno+2 -2indent
2003/06/21 12:50:00hno+104 -28collapsed_forwarding directive to collaps multiple requests or for the

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