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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/chunked_mempools development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/03/25 07:49:05akroonmaa+1 -1oops, typo...
2001/10/08 14:00:59akroonmaa+2 -2due to our perf optimisation some pools don't reach flush threshold and can
2001/10/05 07:54:06akroonmaa+2 -0bug: when object size was larger than max chunk size, number of objects per
2001/10/02 22:40:47akroonmaa+8 -1 tune malloc to use max of mmap. I resort here to dirty hack, because
2001/10/02 22:34:33akroonmaa+8 -5bring branch to automake style
2001/10/01 15:55:16akroonmaa+178 -0revived
2001/08/23 18:55:10akroonmaa+13 -0add mallopt tuning so that chunks are more likely to be alloced by mmap
2001/07/06 12:46:17akroonmaa+2 -2missed % char.
2001/05/07 07:14:05akroonmaa+5 -4minor typos
2001/05/04 23:04:37akroonmaa+9 -9<verb>, not is a right keyword...
2001/05/04 20:38:18akroonmaa+2 -1revert to while {} style, which is dominant and preferred.
2001/05/04 20:35:38akroonmaa+14 -4fix <code> segments
2001/05/04 20:30:24akroonmaa+1 -21"These prototypes does not belong in the C file. Most/all already are in
2001/05/04 18:32:58hno+4 -4& is a reserved character in this SGML dialect...
2001/05/04 18:07:39akroonmaa+1 -3cleanups
2001/05/04 17:09:30akroonmaa+9 -2add some curiosity satisfaction stats to memPool report
2001/05/04 16:47:21akroonmaa+3 -3fix minor bug. returned cumulated stats instead of for a pool.
2001/05/04 16:45:46akroonmaa+188 -3Document the MemPool API
2001/05/04 14:52:42akroonmaa+177 -199moved memReport to mem.c
2001/05/04 14:43:42akroonmaa+21 -0moved MemMeter to its own file. for now, API implemented as macros only.
2001/05/04 14:41:55akroonmaa+83 -60fix rest of code to comply with new memPool API
2001/05/04 14:40:44akroonmaa+202 -184Implemented the new API.
2001/05/04 14:20:14akroonmaa+48 -27Carve in stone the API
2001/05/03 14:31:39akroonmaa+262 -315undo command function. API calls now defined as before
2001/05/02 20:21:59akroonmaa+365 -215Move most stuff out from MemPoolStats.c to lib/MemPools.c
2001/05/02 20:00:28akroonmaa+16 -2clone double_to_str(double) from gb_to_str(gb_t)
2001/05/02 13:49:06hno+63 -1Starting to document MemPools
2001/05/01 00:05:29akroonmaa+12 -49cleanups
2001/05/01 00:02:31akroonmaa+4 -0Disabling Memory pools under purify
2001/04/30 23:20:04akroonmaa+0 -1missed to remove DISABLE_POOLS define when adding configure option for it.
2001/04/30 23:02:41akroonmaa+1 -0set initial timestamp for mempool rate meters.
2001/04/30 21:15:56akroonmaa+3 -0need flush all meters before returning totals.
2001/04/30 21:14:53akroonmaa+3 -4probably some merge failure
2001/04/30 20:24:39akroonmaa+24 -23cleanup dirty hacks
2001/04/30 19:35:30akroonmaa+120 -131reduce exported symbols
2001/04/30 19:24:42akroonmaa+17 -3add --disable-mempools to configure
2001/04/29 12:44:27hno+9 -6More namespace cleanups, and undid a previous cleanup..
2001/04/29 12:16:58hno+29 -39Namespace cleanups
2001/04/29 00:17:36hno+13 -10Some statistics cleanups
2001/04/28 23:58:57hno+2 -0MemPoolStats contains stuff not at all related to statistics. Needs
2001/04/28 23:54:42hno+8 -13namespace cleanup
2001/04/28 23:53:44hno+2 -3Make MemPoolMeterReport take a const MemPoolStats as intended, and
2001/04/28 23:46:57hno+0 -383Deleted unused src/MemPool.c
2001/04/28 01:22:14akroonmaa+12 -11some stats depend on memMeters of mempools. allow Meters to be updated even
2001/04/26 17:13:03akroonmaa+119 -61Finished freelist Cache and its cleanup handler. Ready for testdrive.
2001/04/19 23:53:39akroonmaa+132 -116Major change. Implemented freelist cache that traverses all chunks as linklist.
2001/04/18 18:17:43akroonmaa+143 -150added delete function to splay.c
2001/04/11 10:07:18akroonmaa+1 -0forgot to update MemPool.h
2001/04/11 09:35:39akroonmaa+9 -61) oops, alloc count = saved count, no point in showing in cachemgr.
2001/04/10 14:02:30akroonmaa+1 -1fix a typo
2001/04/10 09:58:22akroonmaa+7 -5add total allocs counter to cachemgr output as it is in HEAD
2001/04/09 15:28:56akroonmaa+4 -3update lib/Makefile.in and src/Makefile.in to enable chunked mempools
2001/04/09 11:38:22akroonmaa+7 -2Tune memPool chunk size up from 16K to 512K and larger for some massive pools
2001/04/09 11:36:34akroonmaa+4 -4rename MEM_MAX_SIZE to MEM_CHUNK_MAX_SIZE for clarity
2001/04/09 09:47:31akroonmaa+2 -1add idle pool cleanup event handler
2001/04/09 09:46:49akroonmaa+1 -4MEM_CACHE_DIGEST pool was initialised twice
2001/04/09 09:18:46akroonmaa+2 -1must not initialise same mempool twice
2001/04/09 07:17:05akroonmaa+5 -31move MemPool structs from src/ to include/MemPool.h
2001/04/06 08:45:27akroonmaa+988 -0Added chunked MemPool which is splitted in lib/MemPool.c, include/MemPool.h and src/MemPoolStats.c
2001/04/03 22:35:48akroonmaa+59 -58Moved funcs gb_flush gb_to_double and gb_to_str from src/tools.c to lib/util.c

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