squid/auth_rewrite changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/auth_rewrite development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/10/06 03:00:45rbcollins+0 -408finish merge off
2002/10/02 09:11:04rbcollins+3 -3gaah, autoconf 2.5 for me
2002/09/26 12:53:46rbcollins+3 -1and fix http_reply_access for auth. Doh.
2002/09/26 12:37:39rbcollins+73 -32allow delay pools/tos/http_reply_access with auth ACL's. Also fix a few HEAD nits.
2001/12/23 16:11:58rbcollins+19 -17more digest work - qop and algorithm are not quoted in the request digest
2001/12/23 10:28:45rbcollins+23 -7Fix parsing of the request nonce count; add an option to allow strictly incrementing (as opposed to monotonically increm
2001/08/03 08:22:54rbcollins+2 -1fix regression with blank password attempts
2001/08/02 14:42:40rbcollins+4 -6Typo fixup
2001/08/02 14:34:11rbcollins+3 -15prepared for HEAD merge
2001/08/02 14:18:52rbcollins+33 -111prepared for HEAD merge
2001/08/02 13:42:36rbcollins+329 -248merge code updates from NTLM
2001/07/31 10:29:22rbcollins+532 -256preparing for merge to HEAD
2001/05/20 22:24:48rbcollins+14 -3disable pipelining when NTLM is enabled -to prevent authentication race
2001/05/20 22:06:49rbcollins+44 -32bugfix: incorrectly sending a local challenge when external sites require authentication
2001/04/10 11:43:13rbcollins+2 -1fix a bug with early freeing of auth_user_requests
2001/04/09 13:36:13kinkie+3 -3Changed a few hostnames to be more explanatory.
2001/03/21 09:28:47rbcollins+1 -1bugfix: send valid NA on error to squid
2001/03/13 12:10:29rbcollins+2 -2bugfix: persistent connections with NTLM were failing on the second request with 407
2001/03/12 11:34:02rbcollins+1 -0bugfix: set a default value for the basic credentials TTL
2001/03/12 11:02:14rbcollins+1 -1bugfix: clean the auth_queue as it's walked in handle reply
2001/03/12 10:32:12rbcollins+8 -9bugfix: clean the auth_queue as it's walked in handle reply
2001/03/10 01:03:45hno+1 -2Undid some ident messup
2001/03/10 00:44:17hno+2 -3Undid some ident stupididies
2001/03/10 00:40:09hno+32 -29indent
2001/03/09 11:30:23rbcollins+31 -16ran indent
2001/03/09 11:13:38rbcollins+30 -32backout non-auth related patch
2001/03/09 10:55:23rbcollins+32 -30*** empty log message ***
2001/03/09 10:53:30rbcollins+3 -3more production changes from kinkie
2001/03/09 08:24:15rbcollins+30 -32type fixes so both NTLM helpers should build on slowaris.
2001/03/08 12:01:12rbcollins+127 -144changes to ntlm - bug fixes for production use by Kinkie
2001/02/10 18:29:40hno+9 -18Use C comments, not C++
2001/02/10 18:14:06hno+28 -13Some minor cleanups
2001/02/10 17:32:48hno+1998 -2179ran indent
2001/02/09 17:40:56kinkie+758 -697Fixed bug in challenge lifetime handling.
2001/02/09 14:37:07kinkie+117 -33Updated from ntlm branch. Much more resilient to authentication errors
2001/02/09 14:36:06kinkie+1 -1Indent changes.
2001/02/09 14:04:02kinkie+1 -1No need to define DEBUG multiple times.
2001/02/09 14:03:37kinkie+2 -1Fixed buglet.
2001/02/08 08:18:54rbcollins+4 -3init usernamehash to NULL
2001/02/01 09:29:01kinkie+1 -1Last-Ditch authentications are to be lower-cased.
2001/01/31 13:17:20kinkie+2 -2Removed debugging code, so not to bloat testers' logs too much.
2001/01/31 13:14:14kinkie+1 -1Clarified error message
2001/01/31 12:16:09rbcollins+1 -1bugfix for auth failures
2001/01/31 11:34:42rbcollins+4 -0bugfix for auth failures
2001/01/31 11:08:45rbcollins+3 -3log helper error code
2001/01/30 17:14:07kinkie+31 -8Handled case when the client sent credentials for a domain which
2001/01/30 17:13:02kinkie+3 -5Got rid of the retries thing. If communications to the DC are
2001/01/30 17:12:33kinkie+2 -11Cleaned up error retrieval a bit.
2001/01/30 12:04:44rbcollins+6 -0bugfix: on reconfigure discard existing wordlists for auth scheme configs
2001/01/30 11:01:07kinkie+303 -223Removed stale comments.
2001/01/30 10:58:32kinkie+1 -0Added prototype for fetch_credentials.
2001/01/30 10:57:44kinkie+164 -126Added extra debugging and problems detection.
2001/01/29 12:32:34rbcollins+2 -2fix for rotate
2001/01/29 10:16:15rbcollins+7 -4NULL pointer chasing bug
2001/01/23 23:03:53rbcollins+264 -0merged in digest
2001/01/23 22:54:53rbcollins+1962 -20merged in digest
2001/01/23 20:37:44rbcollins+10 -5added configured scheme function
2001/01/23 13:12:59rbcollins+28 -7on reconfigure, disable existing configured auth schemes if no longer configured validly.
2001/01/10 23:00:34rbcollins+2 -5get rid of #if 0
2001/01/10 12:19:08rbcollins+5 -2notes
2001/01/10 12:13:16rbcollins+1 -17remove #if 0
2001/01/10 12:11:27rbcollins+3 -3indent
2001/01/10 12:04:22rbcollins+23 -23%d to %p in debugging pointer values
2001/01/10 11:35:58rbcollins+1 -1consistent configure variable for HELPERS
2001/01/10 11:30:21rbcollins+9 -9Bugfix on BASIC_HELPERS and variable name consistency for *_AUTH_HELPERS
2001/01/10 07:10:10rbcollins+3 -0consistency checks on shutdown
2001/01/10 01:35:44rbcollins+3 -70cbdata race fixes
2001/01/10 00:59:59rbcollins+3 -62code cleanup
2001/01/09 14:42:09rbcollins+2 -2fix a race with OnCloseConnection
2001/01/09 14:08:35rbcollins+1 -1cbdata race
2001/01/09 13:55:50rbcollins+4 -8configure order bugfix
2001/01/09 13:30:09kinkie+22 -0Fixed to print usage instructions in case of some kinds of
2001/01/09 13:03:37rbcollins+5 -1NULL pointer bugfix
2001/01/09 12:36:00rbcollins+1 -1typo
2001/01/09 12:21:43rbcollins+8 -2bugfix on shutdown
2001/01/09 12:19:13rbcollins+18 -7fix shutdown NULL references
2001/01/08 19:23:26hno+18 -22memAllocate do return cleared data by definition.
2001/01/08 12:46:52rbcollins+8 -34unused code removal
2001/01/08 12:42:13rbcollins+2 -8unused code tidyup
2001/01/08 12:14:57rbcollins+3 -7unused code rremoval
2001/01/08 12:03:29rbcollins+2 -12removed unused code
2001/01/08 10:21:28rbcollins+8 -83removed obsolete code
2001/01/08 10:16:31rbcollins+1 -48removed unused obsolete code
2001/01/08 07:10:36rbcollins+4 -2reconfigure bugfix
2001/01/08 06:43:09rbcollins+11 -5fix a crash in splay_tree on aclDestroy
2001/01/08 01:29:50rbcollins+1 -3removed dummy references to auth_modules
2001/01/08 01:28:54rbcollins+7 -6bugfixes - active() in ntlm and a invalid reference in makefile.in
2001/01/07 21:04:36hno+2 -2lots of .. missing from path to .../lib
2001/01/07 20:43:02hno+8 -7indent
2001/01/07 16:08:58rbcollins+6 -10make install was broken
2001/01/07 14:52:20rbcollins+15495 -15460moved the authentication helpers to be under their related scheme handlers
2001/01/07 12:56:08rbcollins+1 -1spelling error fixed
2001/01/07 11:13:18rbcollins+2 -1restore a used variable.
2001/01/07 11:09:08rbcollins+346 -1auth scheme API added
2001/01/07 09:48:26hno+10108 -13192indent
2001/01/07 08:41:13hno+2 -2spelling correction
2001/01/07 07:56:15hno+12 -9const * fixes
2001/01/07 07:54:38hno+2 -0include string.h for string functions
2001/01/07 07:44:23hno+2 -0string.h is needed for various functions
2001/01/07 07:32:44hno+1 -2removed a old unused variable
2001/01/07 07:27:13hno+3 -3base64_encode* returns a const char pointer. So should anyone returning
2001/01/07 07:22:03hno+34 -12Changed default to only Basic scheme
2001/01/07 02:49:31rbcollins+8012 -0merged in ntlm
2001/01/07 02:44:54rbcollins+99 -11merge in ntlm
2001/01/07 00:37:02hno+38 -53Ported changes from upstreamauth
2001/01/07 00:24:26rbcollins+27 -19todyup for patching
2001/01/06 23:56:27rbcollins+57 -113more tidyup
2001/01/06 23:33:48rbcollins+70 -228general tidyup
2001/01/06 22:51:16rbcollins+44 -53general tidyup
2001/01/06 13:35:08rbcollins+2 -2make config dump for basic look consistent with the rest of squid
2001/01/06 13:31:53rbcollins+85 -62debug level tidy up & config dump function implementation
2001/01/05 23:43:58rbcollins+12 -9cbdata update for auth_rewrite
2001/01/05 06:29:13rbcollins+2 -2forgot to rename a fn
2001/01/05 06:12:22rbcollins+93 -11Additional header and Trailer support. The trailer support won't be called yet
2001/01/03 13:12:33rbcollins+85 -32final fix for the race on basic scheme credential requests
2001/01/03 05:03:49rbcollins+1 -14removed ntlm checks
2001/01/03 05:02:51rbcollins+19 -3transfer requests when merging users
2001/01/03 04:55:22rbcollins+9 -62removed ntlm related entries
2001/01/02 13:34:17rbcollins+12 -13log the username if it is known when basic auth fails to decode validly (ie no passwd)
2001/01/02 11:54:32rbcollins+0 -10updated some of my incode doco
2001/01/02 11:46:41rbcollins+42 -8bugfix on last commit + utilise the message feature for errorpages with the basic scheme.
2001/01/02 10:57:01rbcollins+580 -260many things: proxy auth message in err struct optimised out. auth_user split into auth_user and auth_user_request. remov
2001/01/01 12:05:09rbcollins+12 -41cleanup some temp code
2001/01/01 10:48:28rbcollins+36 -24credentials TTL reimplemented
2001/01/01 09:51:18rbcollins+363 -155modularised per scheme config file entries. Allows a single cf.data.pre to
2001/01/01 01:55:41rbcollins+117 -135runtime scheme order configuration
2000/12/31 15:10:38rbcollins+35 -12added a new API function 'authenticated', altered the basic config item to be basicAuthRealm rather than proxyAuthRealm.
2000/12/18 11:43:40rbcollins+5 -2just a little extra debugging
2000/12/15 13:52:16rbcollins+2 -0fixed a NULL pointer chase
2000/12/14 11:24:03rbcollins+2 -3and the last ntlm bit
2000/12/14 11:21:33rbcollins+2 -139missed some ntlm stuff
2000/12/14 11:16:48rbcollins+4 -7743removed ntlm specific stuff. the ntlm branch will soon track auth_rewrite.
2000/12/12 03:01:48rbcollins+7 -7forgot a couple of enum changes
2000/12/11 23:32:14rbcollins+342 -337moved the scheme data structs out of structs.h and into private headers.
2000/12/10 13:59:35rbcollins+38 -30squid.conf option for cache_peer - determine whether to send authentication headers upstream or not.
2000/12/10 13:52:05rbcollins+2 -2ahha! found what I'd forgotten with auth modules not making correctly :[
2000/12/10 00:56:51rbcollins+10 -3fixed reconfiguring and a NULL pointer reference in ntlm
2000/12/08 08:56:21rbcollins+25 -3it helps if it builds :]
2000/12/07 10:46:57rbcollins+71 -10implemented a placeholder capability for stateful helpers. The callback gets called before with the buf going to the ser
2000/12/07 08:52:14rbcollins+71 -3fixed the last compile errors in smbval
2000/12/07 04:25:03rbcollins+40 -36imnplemented BH verb
2000/12/06 01:29:26rbcollins+2 -3offset into the buffer after the command code.
2000/12/05 15:16:35rbcollins+78 -42tackled the huge error list. SMBVAL is scary!. Fixed a number of *bugs* and ensured all functions are prototyped. (as fa
2000/12/05 07:32:59rbcollins+9 -6incorrect test in StatefulSubmit + a test for NULL in auth_NTLM.c
2000/12/04 20:40:06rbcollins+1 -1remove a compiler warning
2000/12/04 17:23:41kinkie+107 -358Adapted to V3 of the squid-to-helper protocol, and accordingly dumbified.
2000/12/04 17:22:56kinkie+1 -1Fixed typo.
2000/12/04 12:36:10rbcollins+9 -3lifetime expiry for ntlm challenges
2000/12/04 12:22:10rbcollins+110 -14NTLM Helper protocol V3 Challenge caching and renewal code. Only uses limit support as yet. Time based to come soon.
2000/12/04 11:02:14rbcollins+223 -15NTLM helper protocol V3 support. Not quite complete - Challenge caching needs implementing but it will authenticate corr
2000/12/04 08:36:30rbcollins+34 -3NTLM Helper Protocol V3 support
2000/12/01 16:05:58kinkie+13 -9Adapted to V3 of the squid-to-helper protocol
2000/11/24 00:19:20rbcollins+7 -3trivial optimisation to prevent reparsing and authentication proxy_auth on multiple ACL's for a single request.
2000/11/24 00:01:02rbcollins+39 -11Last bug! All working...
2000/11/23 10:37:26rbcollins+118 -511bugfixes and prelim work on dnymic module registration. One particular bug - dropping the connection after every NTLM re
2000/11/21 11:30:01rbcollins+136 -75auth split into libs completed. Couple of things remainind, but now very little code in authenticate.c or acl.c will nee
2000/11/21 00:11:15rbcollins+88 -772nearly complete
2000/11/20 22:40:33rbcollins+81 -19halfway to complete modularisation
2000/11/20 13:18:03rbcollins+1022 -36auth working & half split into modules.
2000/11/20 07:40:35rbcollins+146 -0just bits
2000/11/20 06:55:35rbcollins+76 -23mod starting
2000/11/20 05:56:22rbcollins+181 -154re-organised the guts. MUUUCH better.
2000/11/18 01:39:05rbcollins+147 -66starting to finalise the API. Removing last scheme specific code from acl.c
2000/11/17 12:14:33rbcollins+92 -51new (thought out!) interface to authenticate.

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kinkie19+1533 -1481
rbcollins127+32664 -28756
total164+46497 -45785