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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/auth_digest development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/01/23 20:57:00rbcollins+9 -1added configured method to digest module
2001/01/10 12:08:29rbcollins+3 -3tidyup
2001/01/10 12:02:42rbcollins+16 -11update auth linbe, add documentation
2001/01/10 11:49:22rbcollins+3 -3consistent configure with auith_rewrite
2001/01/10 11:45:38rbcollins+9 -9consistent configure names for HELPERS
2001/01/10 10:12:08rbcollins+98 -19added RFC 2617 copyright statements
2001/01/10 10:03:10rbcollins+27 -26change %d pointer debug statements to %p. Remove // comments
2001/01/10 09:58:27rbcollins+86 -6cleanup nonces when a user is freed rather than waiting for the GC.
2001/01/10 07:52:43rbcollins+41 -41debug levels set appropriately
2001/01/10 07:24:15rbcollins+3 -2shutdown tidyup
2001/01/10 05:30:49rbcollins+5 -5config file type & build digest helpers
2001/01/10 04:32:14rbcollins+11 -8null pointer reference fix
2001/01/09 13:38:33rbcollins+5 -4ntlm fix that hadn't merged down
2001/01/09 13:06:13rbcollins+92 -24TODO implementations
2001/01/08 23:26:07rbcollins+198 -230code tidyup and consistency checking/cache cleaning
2001/01/08 14:03:21rbcollins+26 -9digest catchup with mergess from head and auth_rewrite
2001/01/08 01:58:11rbcollins+291 -291updated auth helper location
2001/01/05 23:58:23rbcollins+2 -2to build :[
2001/01/05 10:36:54rbcollins+1 -4reverse a mistaken change
2001/01/05 06:31:44rbcollins+1 -1= != ==
2001/01/05 05:51:19rbcollins+3 -2default to building digest
2001/01/05 03:44:58rbcollins+154 -25authentication info header support
2001/01/04 15:17:47rbcollins+222 -32more rfc compliance things. Tests for user data sensabilities. Guaranteed
2001/01/03 00:20:27rbcollins+356 -183updated for the new split struct code & the per scheme config parameters
2001/01/01 03:09:28rbcollins+4 -4updated FixError to FixHeader
2000/12/31 15:25:07rbcollins+3 -3space to tab correction
2000/12/21 04:17:37rbcollins+454 -163multiple nonces handled and invalid nonces rejected.
2000/12/18 10:02:46rbcollins+20 -13working digest authentication
2000/12/15 23:47:40rbcollins+410 -144a working helper
2000/12/15 16:19:17rbcollins+208 -150and a helper
2000/12/15 13:24:42rbcollins+38 -0missing files
2000/12/15 05:06:23rbcollins+37 -5working with password testing
2000/12/14 23:06:40rbcollins+808 -7decode going

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