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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/akroonmaa-head development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/10/01 16:53:19akroonmaa+178 -0revived config.h
2001/08/23 19:02:21akroonmaa+2 -2merge issue
2001/06/16 01:30:03akroonmaa+2 -2where did that % get here from? ;)
2001/06/14 15:27:08akroonmaa+1 -1remove extra % from cachemgr output
2001/06/14 15:26:44akroonmaa+2 -6fix bug introduced by unfinished "src_rtt"
2001/06/13 09:10:19akroonmaa+10 -1try to probe MD5 overhead
2001/05/31 07:01:56akroonmaa+8 -8private stuff
2001/05/09 22:33:41akroonmaa+88 -89commit before merging
2001/04/19 08:33:44akroonmaa+3 -2add few "when needed" cases for mempool stats Meter updates.
2001/04/19 08:31:08akroonmaa+5 -5cosmetic changes for Info page.
2001/04/18 22:08:55akroonmaa+65 -26performance optimisation: instead of updating all the memPool Meters every
2001/04/17 19:25:53akroonmaa+29 -2added splay_delete to splay.c
2001/04/10 11:59:31akroonmaa+7 -5avoid needless malloc/free of 2 byte string
2001/04/10 11:58:41akroonmaa+2 -2bug in util.c caused xmalloc_stats to count xcalloc stats wrong
2001/04/10 09:10:51akroonmaa+22 -5add profiling probes to chunked mempools

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total15+424 -156